How Do I Choose Content For My Website That Will Rank Well?

content for seo
  1. Choose content that will be valuable to your customers
  2. Answer a question that they will be typing in to Google
  3. Solve a problem for them with your content

For example:

You want to write something about “Weightlifting” – you have a new coach so you want to attract people who are looking for a weightlifting coach.

1. First determine what questions people are asking

Go to your Google Adwords Account – click on “Tools” and go to the keyword planner tool.

Click on ‘Get Search Volumes’ and make sure you are searching in UK.

Type your subject keywords in the keyword planner tool box. It will give you an approximate range of search volume for example “Weightlifting Coach” has between 100 – 1k people searching for those search terms.

So you now know people are looking for these terms (google trends is also quite interesting to check out to see if what you are writing about is increasing in popularity or declining – but make sure you select United Kingdom when you check out the trends).

100 – 1k is a good number as you want to target content that isn’t being searched by tens of thousands of people because you will find it hard to compete with the kind of results that will be brought up for that keyword – you want to aim for something more niche (but not too niche) so that you have a better chance of ranking for it.

For example, if your keyword is “weightlifting” you will see that the search volume is between 1k – 10k and the competition is “high”. That means that people are willing to pay quite a high price for that keyword to feature at the top so you will find it harder to rank for this keyword.

What to do if the competition/search volume is too high for what you want to rank for:

Let’s say you have chosen “weightlifting” but the search volume/competition is too high – then you need to find something less competitive.

Make it less competitive by making this into a longer and more specific keyword – for example “Olympic Weightlifting Coach” or “How do I find a good weightlifting coach?” (This is a ‘long tail keyword’)

“How Do I Find a Good Weightlifting Coach?”

2. Provide valuable content that answers that question

Now you have your question, you need to make sure your content answers that question and provides valuable advice to your readers about how to find a good weightlifting coach. For example:

What do I look for in a good weightlifting coach?
What credentials should a good weightlifting coach have?

Etc. etc.

3. Optimise your page so that your keyword is prominent in your article

You need to make sure your keyword features in that page but still keep your page sounding natural. The most important thing is that the content is relevant to the question and does actually answer that question/solve their problem. You also want the keywords to appear on the page so that people know what the content is about. So you need to optimise your page. See our article on “Optimising Your WordPress Page”