What is SEO?

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We are starting right back at the basics with the question that everyone needs to know the answer to if they want to make a success of their online presence.

What is SEO?

SEO in its most basic form is the practise of Search Engine Optimisation to enable your site to get traffic from the organic listings on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search engines collect information about every page on the web and then use an algorithm that is designed to determine how relevant the web page is to the search by the end user and ultimately which pages will be shown up in the search.

How Do I Use SEO On My Site?

By optimising your web pages for search engines, we are providing the search engines with the information they need to determine when and if to show your page in response to a search. There are certain aspects of a web page that a search engine looks for when it crawls the web and those fall into four very basic categories:

  1. Content on the page – search engines search for words, words produce results!
  2. Page titles – these are usually not seen unless you look at the tab along the top of the webpage or in the code but it is important for a web page to be given a clear relevant page title which will tell search engines almost immediately what the web page is.
  3. Links from established and well-ranking web pages – these must be genuine links from genuine sites with a good existing online reputation.
  4. Consistent, good quality content – regularly updated

Although this list is the most basic of attributes a site needs – it is a good guide to check that you are ticking the very fundamental of boxes with your site. A genuine active site will be covering these aspects anyway, but it’s good to keep these things up to date. By adding new, fresh content and by updating new authoritative links from good quality sites you will be well on your way to improving your ranking position in the search engines.